DRAMAtical Murder (ドラマティカル マーダー) is boys' love visual novel game by Nitro+Chiral. It was released on 23.03.12 for the PC, an English patch has been made.
DRAMAtical Murder




Action, Splatter, Yaoi

Main Character

Aoba Seragaki

Made by





Honya Lala


In Midorijima, an island to the southwest of the Japanese islands, mankind and nature once coexisted on the plentiful island.

However, due to being purchased by "Toue Company", a powerful corporation in Japan, one-third of the island has been changed into an extravagant amusement facility called "Platinum Jail". Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, Platinum Jail has gathered attention. On the other side, the islanders who became victims of forceful development are forced into the "Former Residents' District", and have no choice but to carry out their lives in a place that is by no means prosperous.

The protagonist Aoba spends his days working part-time at a junk shop named "Heibon", inside the Former Residents District, living with his grandmother Tae.

Among the youth of the Former Residents District, a certain game has become popular. In "Ribstiez", teams are created and days of human-bullet turf wars unfold. On the other hand, "Rhyme" is an electronic brain online game using a virtual world as its setting. Aoba shows no interest in either game, thinking that it would be nice to just live peacefully with his grandmother. A disaster bound to shake up those peaceful days begins.

Aoba Seragaki (瀬良垣 蒼葉) Edit


The main protagonist of the game. He is an uke in all the routes and his Allmate is Ren. He is the adopted son of Nain and Haruka Seragaki and the twin of Sei. He lives on the East side of Kyuujuuminku with his grandma, Tae. He works as a Junk shop Heibon. He was conceived from Toue's research, with his brother Sei. His voice actor is Atsushi Kisaichi.

Age: 23
Birthdate: April 22
Height: 175 cm
All Mate: Ren

Koujaku (紅雀) Edit


A childhood friend of Aoba, who used to live on the island with his mother. He returns to the island covered in scars and tattoos. He now works as a very popular hair dresser and leads his own Rib team, Beni Shigure. He often visits Aoba to eat Tae's food. His All-Mate is a red sparrow named Beni.

Age: 27
Birthday: August 19
Height: 186 cm
All Mate: Beni


Noiz (ノイズ) Edit


A mysterious man that appears in Aoba's room unannounced. His body is covered in piercings, twenty-four to be exact. He continues to show his technological prowess by hacking into the security system in Platinum Jail and instigating a drive-by Rhyme game with Aoba. He leads his own Rhyme team, Ruff Rabbit, and carries a group of All-Mates hanging on his hips called Usagimodoki, cubes with bunny patterns (real world) that take the form of real bunnies with red boxing gloves in Rhyme. 

Apart from his tongue, Noiz has a numbed down sense of touch. This has caused him to enter numerous fights because of his inability to understand physical pain and for that reason he was abused by his parents and locked in a room for many years, forced to suffer loneliness and isolation. Due to this, Noiz believes that people will not help him unless there is something they can gain in return.

He has a seventeen year old brother named Theo, who looks very similar to Noiz in appearance. Theo is perhaps the only one Noiz cares for as much as he does, save for Aoba.

Age: 19
Birthday: June 13
Height: 179 cm

Clear Edit

Clear is robot that fell from the sky and into Aoba's life. His old master was Toue and he lived with his brothers α and α2. They were designed to sing "Dye Music", music that brainwashes people, dyeing their brains, hence the name. He has no Allmate and is voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa.

Mink Edit

Mink is in charge of one of the most dangerous Rib teams, Scratch which consists of prisoners who broke out. 

Ren Edit

Ren is Aoba's allmate. Ren's route is known as the true route. During Ren's route, you discover that Ren is apart of Aoba's mind and pushes back Aoba's desires and ruthlessness, Sly Blue.

Virus & Trip Edit

Virus is often seen with Trip. They're not twins, nor related. His age is unknown but it's been stated that he's 6 years older than Trip. He's apart of the yakuza and the 'mythical' team, Morphine. He is voiced by Junji Majima. Trip is like Virus but uses force instead of emotional manipulation. In re:connect it's said that Trip and Virus used to be expirements in Toue's labs.

Toue Edit

The main antogonist of DRAMAtical Murder. His main goal is to take over the island Aoba lives on.

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