Earthian is a yaoi 5 Volume manga series with a 4 episode OVA adaptation.


Left to right, Chihaya, Kagetsuya and Messiah at the bottom


Angels look after the human race, most of the angels are not thrilled with humans and how negative they are. It's decided that some angels will form groups and disguise themselves as humans to see if they are worth saving or not. Chihaya and Kagetsuya, are the protagonists. Unlike most angels, Chihaya likes humans and wants to see them live. Kagetsuya, will follow Chihaya wherever he goes. Chihaya is a rare angel born with black wings, no other angels has them. He wants to know why he has them, and is worried he could become a dark entity known as a Lucifer.



A Male angel with black hair and black wings; he's happy go lucky and naive, but he has a good heart and likes the earthians. He doesn't know why he has black wings, and wants to know more about them. Kagetsuya is his lover.
He's worried he can turn into a Lucifer.


A strong and tough angel, who will do anything for Chihaya. Although Chihaya does foolish things, he still follows him and will do anything to protect him.


A bio-humanoid on the run, Chihaya rescues her. She is being chased by the scientist Ashino, due to her weak heart that can cause a nuclear explosion at any second.

She sacrifices herself to save Chihaya and Kagetsuya.


A beautiful young man with blue hair, who is also a bio-humanoid, he loves Takako and is Ashino's prized possession. He mysteriously dies after OVA episode 2.

Doctor Ashino

A mad doctor, he creates bio humanoids and has created Takako, Taki and Messiah.

He decides to take revenge on earth after Taki dies.


A female angel who is obsessed with Kagetsuya, she's rude and bratty. She believes that Chihaya will definitely become a Lucifer.


A Male angel and Aya's partner, he's very calm and relaxed, the opposite of Aya.

Cliff Grey (Sapphire)

An angel who obtained the Black Cancer and only had a month to live. He became Cliff Grey and became a musician, and decided to be with his earthian girlfriend Blair.


Cliff Grey's girlfriend.


A record producer that wants Cliff's next album, even if that means threatening him.


A Bio Humanoid created by Doctor Ashino. He is forced to destroy earth, but due to his meeting with Chihaya, he refuses to and wants to become friends with Chihaya.

Earthian 608701

Left to right, Kagetsuya, Chihaya, Aya and Miyagi. The Angel in the back is "Sapphire" (Cliff) and the person in his arms is Blair.

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