Intro Edit

The air was stale and smelt of musk. The faint whispers of felines and canines through the murky depths of the broken lake could be heard, the weed entwined roots of the willows brushed the water's surface as the wind raged, howling in fury. The dark mist was devouring the land slowly. The silent crashes of the waves crawled up the nearby cliffs. The smell of the salty sea air drifted along the wind. Music echoed through land making a seductive hymen. The trees were still as they waited and listened. The dark clouds wandered in the sky. Like clear crystals the rain fell as fast as it could.You had woken in the territory of Echoclan. Your head rested against the damp ground. Blinking a few times before realizing that you weren't inside your den as you'd remembered. Propping yourself up , you let your eyes adjust to the lighting. Crimsonfall glanced at the figure rising in the meek shadows beneath him. A wide sinful grin, spread across his face. He snaked beneath the overgrown weeds and grass. "Dashing through the grass, coming to rape that ass" He softly whispered chuckling to himself. Your breathing suddenly started to act up as a chill was sent down your back, spiking up your fur onto its ends. What was this? You started to shuffle your paws around realizing the damp grass wasn't what it had seemed, in horror you find a thick white liquid staining your paws. A sudden flash of white fur startled you then a nothing. All that filled you was a sense of pain and pleasure. You'd numbed out. You faded. This was your seventh round. Fucked senseless.

Welcome to the Echoclan Gay Wikia Edit

Welcome to the Echoclan Gay Wikia, this page is dedicated to all the lewd and erotic fan fiction that we create in our gutter clan. If you are sensitive to 18+ content then I advice not to read further below otherwise

things won't exactly be pleasant for your innocent mines, just take in mind that Crimson wrote this and that itself is a pretty big warning.

Rules Edit

If you would like to edit this page then please ask me (Aaron aka EyesOfGold, there will be some bits anyone will be free to edit) This mainly revolves around gay fan fiction, so before writing anything please convert any female OC's into male, but if you're wanting a girl x guy or girl x girl then a few permissions will be granted.

  • Although this page really has no limits towards what content you write or display, I would like you to ask the person you are portraying in your writing permission before doing so, just out of consideration of others.
  • Do not whatsoever edit this page unless told to.
  • Human, cats and dog fan fiction between characters are allowed.
  • If you are mad at someone, write a fanfiction with them you and raping them, it's alway fun
  • Do not be sensitive to any rape jokes in here, It is understood that it is not a funny topic but everything here is taken light heartedly.

How to get a story for your ships~ Edit

Since not all of us are going to be able to write some hardcore reproduction between your ships you can always comment the people you wish to be in the small story, you can also add other details such as; Rape, hardcore, soft, cute & romantic. It all depends on what you want. Some willing people will write out


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