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Episode 5 de la saison 2. /!\ ENGLISH SUBTITLES BELOW /!\

First of all.. My english is not that good but I tried my best to translate, and I think that it's understandable but sorry for mistakes. I will put subtitles on the video when I'll find time but for now I put them below.

what's this .... this tie ?

You try to leave me ?

no you're wrong... this is..

you thought you could run away

No, you thought you could forget me, right ?

it's wrong, I have too much imagination

I had just been admitted to the university, I found myself in the midst of hope and worry

do you want to join us ?


come in, I'm Madarame, I'm the president

I'm sasahara kanji

I was struck by lightning. Lightning called love.

I'm checking new releases

Menma is rather pretty

you think so?


so why don't you come with me ?

There is something I want to show you

I lied.

this is really awesome

if you like it , you can take it

really ?

I'm sure she would like to be owned by someone who appreciates and loves her

someone who loves her..

senpai, you too... do you want to be owned by someone who loves you?

you can feel it , right ? my desire...

I can not let you say that you do not want


Did I hurt you ?

you could have been hurt

Are you fine ?

It's the first time that someone notice me

You finally made up your mind

do you want some champagne ?

I'm here because..

take a seat.

It's not a request it's an order.

it doesn't stick

madarame have to be with sasahara

sasahara would be the seme ( dominant ), abusing this young man..

madarame would be the uke ( dominated ), sensitive kind

Meaning that I need him to be more agressive in their relationship

I thought you wouldn't come

I would never do that

Why ?

I thought you hated me finally

I had to force you to do it

But you accepted, right ?

In fact, willingly, you

you didn't try to resist

Am I wrong ?

It was..

The reason you are here.. it's not because you didn't want to hurt my feelings !

on the contrary

what ..

you wanted to be totally torn. Didn't you ?

stop it

You really want me to let you ?


why ?

Tanaka you have a fiance called Ohno !

So what ?

This woman is just a cover

She never tried to know who I truly loved

It can't ..

Sasa, wait !

Stay here !

Do not go

If you go, what am I supposed to do ?

I will not be able to live

I will leave

I have no time to lose with you

It's over ?


I thought it was your favorite dog


I'm no longer interested by him

I see

So, do you want to go back home ?


I loved you when you was proud

thanks god

why ?

I'm happy to be there with you

I'm soiled

I've been spoiled

who cares ?

It doesn't matter if you are soiled

The only thing I care is to be with you

If you do that..

Don't move

Today's my turn

It's my first time

I can not stand


Maybe it was me, who was in love with him

I will not admit to be attached

The dominant, it's me

I will bind you

pain, sadness, regret, enjoyment

all this


I want all of this, I want all from you

You sure ?


Soooooooooo gay !

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