Kichiku Megane (鬼畜眼鏡) is a yaoi game produced by Spray. There are 31 endings in total and 293 CGs in the full game pack.

Plot Edit

You are Katsuya Saeki, a submissive white collar worker who thinks that he’s useless and doesn’t do anything right. He finds out his entire division is being down-sized, and he's fired from his job as a low level business man. One day, while drinking a can of beer in the park, a mysterious man in black suddenly appears, and gives him a pair of glasses saying "If you wear these glasses, your life will change 180 degrees."

Katsuya puts on these glasses and the next he knew, he’s sleeping next with a high school boy, who thinks that he’s “awesome” and tells him to call him.  Yup, you just realize that these glasses are not just ordinary glasses, but glasses which make you a pro businessman and a sadistic seme.While he wears them, he becomes a competent worker. But, he doesn't know these glasses also make him wild and violent....

Characters Edit

Katsuya Saeki (CV by Daisuke Hirakawa) Edit

Katsuya Saeki is a 25-year old low level office worker, working in the shadows When he's not wearing the glasses he's a quiet, submissive type, very timid and has virtually no back bone; he won't stand up for himself. A total loser. If chosen to play through, he's an uke to Midou, Honda, Taichi in the good ends, and Mr R and himself in the band ends.

Megane Katsuya: With the glasses, he becomes ruthless, seductive and wild, but also violent. Cunning and manipulative, he quickly rises up in the business world, doing whatever it takes, including rape. If you choose to wear the glasses, you become sadistic seme to Midou, Honda

Takanori Midou (CV by Koji Yusa) Edit

Midou is the 32-year old director of MGN's product development department. Young and smart, he learned to play office politics, playing everyone to earn his high ranking position. This position has inlfated his ego and turned him into an arrogant, elitist egotist.

His route can be played both as seme or uke.

Takagiri Minoru (CV by Mikoto Yasumura) Edit

Kenji Honda (CV by Hiroki Yasumoto) Edit

Igarashi Taichi (CV by Takashi Kondo) Edit

Suhara Aki (CV by Keisuke Gotou) Edit

Mr R (CV by Takeshi Maeda) Edit