Sensitive Pornograph (センシティブ・ポルノグラフ Senshitibu Porunogurafu) is a manga series by Ashika Sakura.

Plot Edit

The manga contains six different chapters.

Sensitive Pornograph: Yamada Seiji is a novice manga artist who falls in love with Hanazaki Sono, a hentai mangaka, despite him being a guy. After going out for drinks, Seiji ends up at Sono's home, and the two have an intimate affair.

Please Kiss Me: When freshman Meguro Hiroki first sees Nishina Mizuho, it's love a first sight. However, Nishina does not return Meguro's affection; instead Nishina usually beats Meguro whenever he makes some sign of affection towards him. Despite this, Meguro shows unrelenting love towards Nishina, often exclaiming things like, "I'll have you one day!"

Adult Issues: When they were young, Tetsuya and Shima were lovers, until Tetsuya had to move to the city. Several years later, Tetsuya wakes up to see Shima standing before him, asking him to take responsibility for his parents kicking him out (his parents kicked him out because he was gay). Shima stays at Tetsuya's home and still loves Tetsuya, however Tetsuya is reluctant to continue their relationship, stating that he is no longer into guys.

Be More Honest!: Kashima is puzzled as to why Hitomi, the son of the president of the photography studio that he works at, is always taking pictures of him (usually nude pictures) and sexually assaulting him. He is also confused as to why he still likes Hitomi, despite the way he treats him.

House of the Little White Rabbit: Ueno is a pet-sitter who is appointed to take care of a rabbit named Aki. However, upon arriving at the address, Ueno discovers that there is not rabbit. Instead, he finds a man bound, naked and apparently a sex slave to the man who hired Ueno. Aki explains that his master must have tricked Ueno into finding Aki for his own sexual thrill, and says that the master would probably be mad at both of them if something didn't go his way. Aki persuades Ueno to have sex with him, and they end up making passionate love.

Come Home!: Gouzou and Mari were once lovers, until Mari told him that he was getting married. Six years later, Mari arrives at Gouzou's home, with two children, and says that his wife had passed away in a car accident. Mari later explains that he broke up with Gouzou mainly because he didn't always want to be the one dependent on Gouzou, and that he only stayed with his wife for his children. The two eventually become lovers again.