Norio Tsuburaya is in a car accident one month after he turns sixteen. Once he's out of the hospital everything changes. He's receiving piles of love letters, trains are suddenly full of molesters these days and everyone... looks like animals??

The madararui are people who evolved from animals other than apes and Norio has just joined their ranks as the rarest and most desirable animal: the "Returner to Ancestry". It's lucky he soon meets his future husband Kunimasa Madarame, he was this close to being raped on the corner of a street.

The stories are crazy and male pregnancy is a thing (a very, very scary thing) but one must make allowances if one wants a fun read and Sex Pistols is, if nothing else, a fun read; as well as watch. It also comes in the form of a two-part OVA series chronicling the first three stories in the series.

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