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Sweet Pool (スウィート プール) is a boys' love game by Nitro+chiral. It was released 19.12.08 and is a PC game (there is an unofficial chinese port by otomedream). It was illustrated by Kurumazaki Mayuki.


Youji is a little bit nervous because he goes to school for the first time in several months. From that day, his surroundings gradually change.... Tetsuo unexpectedly approaches Youji. Youji asks Tetsuo why, but he never answers.... Youji gets scared of Tetsuo. Zenya also approaches Youji at the same time. One day, Zenya suddenly whispers Youji, "It's all your fault...." Strange pain.... Vivid nightmares.... Are they just illusions? What are Tetsuo and Zenya's purposes?

This visual novel has a unique choice system based on reason versus instinct, and there are six endings to this eerie story

Plot and Ending Spoilers BelowEdit


Sakiyama Youji

Sakiyami Youji

A quiet, sickly high school student, who was held back a year due to his hospitalization.

Voiced by Haruno Kaze.

Shironuma Tetsuo

Shironuma Tetsuo

Youji's mysterious classmate.

Voiced by Hatoman Gunsou.

Mita Makoto

Makota Mita

Youji's classmate and only friend. Has an obsession with food.

Voiced by Sorano Taiyou.

Okinaga Zenya

Okinaga Zenya

A strange upperclassman Youji meets when he's playing around on the gates.

Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru.

Kitani Kouhei

Kouhei Kitani

Zenya's driver and butler. Is completely devoted to Zenya and to his father Kunihito.

Voiced by Akizuki Hideyuki.

Okinaga Kunihito

Kunihito Okinagi

Former Yakuza Boss in poor mental condition. He is Zenya's father and Kitani's boss and mentor.

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Review by nitrochi-paths


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Sweet pool OP (R-18 BL Game)-0

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